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What is A Business Shower?

January 01, 20242 min read


A business shower is an event similar to a traditional baby shower, but instead of showering the new parents with gifts for their new baby, the event is held to celebrate and support new entrepreneurs and their businesses. 🎉🎉🎉


Image of Elon Musk and his Business Shower Twitter post.

The origin of the term is practically unknown; however, the internet gives credit to a tweet created by Elon Musk. Which stated, "Instead of baby showers, let's host business showers. When a friend starts a business, we all come together, congratulate them and bring resources for the business.”


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When I came across the idea it had been recycled a million times by entrepreneurs on Facebook. While mindlessly scrolling social media one day, I found the quote and the idea stuck with me, like a song that would never end. Add to the mix, at that same time the wildly viral Mrs. LaDetra White had also been "love bombing" Georgia businesses with showers of cash, customers, and exposure. She created a movement called "Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is" 💗 that sparked my desire to do the same in my city. However, after covid effectively changed the way we interact in the marketplace, I decided that Virtual Business Showers were the best idea for me and my business community. 🥰


Traditionally, a business shower is typically organized by family, friends, or colleagues of the entrepreneur, and it can take place before or after the launch of the business.

During a business shower, guests bring gifts that are helpful for the new business, such as office supplies, books on entrepreneurship, or even financial support. The purpose of the event is to provide new entrepreneurs with practical resources and encouragement to help them succeed in their new ventures.


New entrepreneurs should have a business shower because it is a great way to jumpstart their business and gain support from their community. Starting a new business can be daunting and overwhelming, and having the support and encouragement of friends and family can make a big difference. Additionally, the gifts and resources provided at a business shower can help alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with starting a new business.

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In conclusion, a business shower can be a fun and helpful way to celebrate the launch of a new business and provide much-needed support to a new entrepreneur. While the format, execution, and styles are endless, the results are the same.

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